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1 Oct 2012

Mumbai businessman-a short story.

One day a businessman walked into
a bank in Mumbai and asked for
some loan assistance. He met a
loan officer and told him that he
was going to Europe on business
tour for two weeks and needed to
borrow Rs. 3, 00,000. The bank
officer told the businessman that
according to the bank policies, the
bank will need some kind of
security for such a loan. So the
businessman handed over the keys
to his car Porsche which was
parked on the street right in front
of the bank. After all the
formalities, the bank agreed to
accept the car as collateral for the
loan. The bank employee drives the
Porsche into the bank's
underground garage and parks it
Two weeks later, the businessman
returns and repays Rs. 3, 00,000
and the accumulated interest on
the same which was Rs 900.
Puzzled, the loan officer asked the
business "We are very happy to
have had your business, & the
transaction too worked out
smoothly, but I am a little
confused. While you were away, we
researched about you out and
found that you are a
multimillionaire, then why would
you bother to borrow Rs. 3 lakhs?
To this, the businessman chuckled
and replied, "Where else in
Mumbai can I park my car safely
for two weeks for just Rs. 900?"

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