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30 Sep 2012

True story...

Diffrence between man and woman while Withdrawing cash from an Atm.

29 Sep 2012

Boy&girl in library.revenge story.

A guy asked a girl in a library; “Do you mind if I sit beside you"?
The girl answered with a loud voice;
All the students in the library started staring at the guy and he was embarrassed. After a couple of minutes, the
girl walked quietly to the guy’s table and she told him
"I study psychology and I know what a man is thinking, I guess you
felt embarrassed right?"
The guy responded with a
loud voice:
and all the people in the
library looked at the girl in shock and the guy whispered in her ears;
"I study Law and I know how to make someone feel guilty"

27 Sep 2012

Worth a second look.

Funny&perfect click.

Husband day care centre.

Now its time for Husband day care centre.

18 Sep 2012

Happy vinayaka chavithi

This is not a photoshop magic.its a great creation of god.

15 Sep 2012

boat dress.

Specially designed boat dress for flood people.

Amaging pic.

Its amaging.this is naturally created by the can find the "woman structure" in this great picture.

13 Sep 2012

Facebook status update...!!

Diffrence between boys and girls status update on facebook.

Elephant strugling for food.

In a lot of ways the nature teach the humans how to live a life.but he is never intrested to learn its    language.he never bothered to hurt the nature in his way.
At least try to learn somethig from this pic how this elephant strugling for food.

Technology rocking

20 years ago 1 GB hard disc was very bigger in size.but now its difficult to find even it is in your rocking...!!

11 Sep 2012

3 Sep 2012

Love cycle..!!

Starts with stranger and Ends with stranger.strange but true..!!

2 Sep 2012

A professor explained marketing to MBA students.

A Professor explained Marketing to MBA students
1. You see gorgeous girl
in party, you go to her & say I am rich marry me That's Direct Marketing.
2. You attend party & your friend goes to a girl & pointing at you tells her. He' is very rich, marry him - That's Advertising.
3. Girl walks to you & says
u are rich, ca...n u marry me? "That's Brand Recognition"
4. You say I m very rich marry me & she slaps u "That's Customer Feedback"
5. You say I m very rich marry me & she introduces you to her husband "That's Demand & Supply Gap"
6. Before you say I m rich, marry me, your wife arrives That's Restriction from Entering New Market.